"People like me know that there is no magic. There is only the grind. Work looks like magic to those unwilling to do it.

-david wong

I'm Robert Conklin

and this is a little about me.

Photographer | Designer | Creative

I'm always looking for something to be passionate about and then I like to have fun with it. Caffeine is key, Organization leads to success. Design is not always work, most of the time it becomes a passion project.

Just a small town boy, not born and raised in South Detroit. I have taken a midnight train before though. Spent my life in Ohio, traveling is extremely important. Dressed in black from head to toe, with the occassional orange is my aesthetic.

Learning from everything I do is crucial to who I have become. I learned at a young age that you should be a sponge, knowledge is pretty rad. My hobbies usually have an impact on my creative process, that is the best part about a hobby. Sometimes a Star Wars marathon will also have an impact on my creative process.

-r b r t c n k l n

"Caffeine is Key.


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